My new year resolutions for 2022

I won’t overwhelm myself with too many unreachable new years’ resolutions this year, but I have a few goals. I rather like to set up achievable goals than overwhelming new year resolutions. Here is my list of goals for 2022.

  1. Continue to study. I will continue to study the behavioral sciences and be more focused on school this year. Since I taking two different courses in two different degrees at the same time (I will have a degree in both social work and behavioral science by the end of my studies!), I would like to finish one of them in 2022. The one in social work would be nice to finish, so I can only focus on psychology for the next 3 years to come.
  2. In my spare time, I will focus on language learning instead of just scrolling youtube or any other social media. When I feel bored I can, for example, expand my English vocabulary, or practice writing Hiragana, or learn new verbs in Portuguese. Of course, I can take breaks sometimes and scroll through the feed, but I won’t let it take over my days.
  3. Watch more series and films on Lingopie instead of Netflix. So I practice my Portuguese skills by streaming instead of just dead watching something. That feels more productive. But same as with social media, I can let myself be unproductive some days too. So I will keep Netflix for those days.
  4. Embrace slow living and don’t take my health for granted. Yes, as it sounds like, I would rather stay healthy and live slow than be over-productive and burned out.
  5. And last but not least, do more what’s makes me happy without having any second thoughts about it! What I mean is, it’s okay to just have a hobby and not earn any money on it. It’s okay to have a hobby you can’t profit off. I would like to create more free stuff to put up online, such as music or digital art as wallpapers and so on. I’m no longer feel a need to earn money from my creative fields. Even tho I’m thinking about opening a little shop online just as a fun thing for those who are interested. Some people have asked me about it, so why not just for fun? I can have both the free stuff and paid stuff on there.

Those are my new year resolutions or goals for the next year. I think they meet the criteria I have set for my goals: achievable, healthy, and enjoyable.

Goals should be challenging, but not overwhelming. A healthy goal is good and can be challenging at the same time. But never ever take your health – mental OR physical – for granted!

/Tricia Joy.

An introduction to my new blog!

Hello there. I’m Tricia Joy and I guess this is a good time to introduce myself. Since this is the first post, I mean. I didn’t plan to start a blog today, first and foremost. It just happened. So who am I? I’m a musician and composer who also studies the behavioral sciences to become a therapist. I’m very interested in psychology and its science and also psychology in relation to music and other forms of therapeutic art. I specialize in trauma recovery and neuropsychiatric disorders.

In my spare time, I learn different languages too. I’m Swedish (well, I live in Sweden, but I’m mixed Swedish and Luso-Indian!) so my native language is of course Swedish. I’m learning English, Portuguese, Hindi, Japanese, German, and Spanish (of course on very different levels!). Language learning is a very big passion of mine. I guess you can say I’m an aspiring polyglot. Not a polyglot yet, but I aspire to become one.

So, my two big interests in life are languages and the behavioral sciences in particular Psychology. What else is there to say?

On a more personal note, I can tell that I’m autistic too. I got diagnosed with autism at age 24, so kinda late in life! That caused me to live a big portion of my life in complete misery. I have been through many traumas too, and I guess that’s why I want to become a therapist and specialize in trauma recovery. To end the circle… Once I was in need of an understanding therapist, so why not become one to help others? I think my personal experiences blended with a professional mindset and knowledge in the field, could be very useful. Often people have either one or the other, but to help people it’s very useful to have both education AND a personal story.

Nevertheless, I would like to turn my story into something positive. I used to be abused, raped, hospitalized, beaten, everything terrible you could think of. If I’m able to help someone, just someone out there, then my story wasn’t for nothing!

So what this blog is going to be about is just that, telling my story, raising awareness about therapeutic things and psychology as a science mixed with some sprinkles of language learning above it all and here and there perhaps a bit of music and art too.

Sounds fun, yeah? Well, I hope this can be interesting. I’m used to blogging mainly in my own first language, so it could be interesting to blog in a foreign language for me as well. We’ll see what’s happening here in the future.

A few weeks ago, I captured this photo outside my apartment. Isn’t it beautiful?

/Tricia Joy.